Avaira contact lenses

Avaira Soft Contact Lenses by Coopervision features a naturally wettable silicone material that allows the lens to stay moist without surface treatments, additives, or wetting agents. Its natural wettability is made possible by the same unique Aquaform technology found in CooperVision’s Biofinity® monthly replacement silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Aquaform technology delivers optimal comfort and minimizes deposits, while also allowing a high level of oxygen to pass through the lens.

CooperVision’s Avaira is manufactured from enfilcon A, and features a UV blocker and CooperVision’s proven aberration neutralizing system™. This system uses unique aspheric optics that enhance vision by minimizing spherical aberrations inherent in both the lens and the human eye. Avaira also utilizes an optimized back surface and rounded edge design, which allows for better comfort.


Delivery time
Manufacturer Cooper vision
Wear schedules Extended wear
Material Enfilcon A
Water content 46%
DK/L, DK/T 125
Recommended replacement 2-4 weeks
Center thickness, mm 0.08

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