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Wind, sun, salty water, dray air, smoke as well as air conditioner and long work with computer, reading can negatively affect the usage of contact lenses, cause discomfort feeling in the eyes.

Company Piiloset offers ophthalmological solution BioDrop for people who suffer from dryness feeling in the eyes. Dry eye symptom appears when the eyes do not produce sufficient amount of tears or tears desiccate too fast. It is common situation symptoms of which can be easily averted. Moisturizing and lubricating Piiloset BioDrop do not contain preservatives therefore it is safe and especially suitable for sensitive eyes.

In the package there are 5 or 20 re-closable ampoules each containing 0.5 ml solution. Each ampoule contains approximately 14 drops, and the content of it is meant to be used during one day even in the most severe cases of treatment of the dry eye syndrome.

We recommend it for all people who are surprised by the feeling of dryness in the eyes at the most inopportune moment because disposable ampoule for one day usage is convenient for carrying even in the pocket, it is very safe, ecologic and sterile.

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