BioLens (Piiloset Monthly) contact lenses

Monthly disposable BioLens contact lenses from Finnish company Piiloset provide clear vision and comfortable long-term use; thanks to the fact that these contact lenses are deposit resistance. Besides BioLens contact lenses have high oxygen permeability coefficient.

These contact lenses are designed for those who have not used contact lenses at all, as well as for those who have always had difficulty of inserting and removing contact lenses. Now contact lens insertion and removal is no longer a problem.


Delivery time In stock
Manufacturer Piiloset
Wear schedules Daily
Material Methafilcon A
Water content 55%
DK/L, DK/T 19
Recommended replacement One month
Center thickness, mm 0.08

Optometrist's recommendations

Sarmīte Gžibovska

The optometrist

If you like good-looking glasses and you own ones like that but you do not want to outwear your special glasses in your everyday hurry, then my advice for you is a very simple formula: economical + healthy = the contact lenses Biolens.

The oxygen permeability of this contact lens is very small however it is an ideal answer to the problems encountered by contact lens’ wearers who have intolerances to newest generation of the material for lenses - silicone hydrogel.