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Biovision 1-Day

Biovision 1-Day 30 are daily disposable lenses, which do not require any maintenance. The contact lens material provides high level of flexibility and resistance to dehydration. You do not have to care for contact lenses, because every day you start with a new pair of contact lenses. This is not only convenient, but also healthier because contact lenses are clean without any deposits. Contact lenses can be used every day and from time to time. These contact lenses are recommended for those with an allergic reaction to a long-term use of one pair of contact lenses.

The contact lenses have aspheric design letting to reduce optical distortions so the vision quality and contrast is improved substantially especially in poor lightning conditions. The contact lenses Biovision are made from biocompatible material that is made by synthesizing the moisturizing qualities of mucus containing in tear film.

Thanks to the design of the contact lenses and the lens edge they are easy to insert.


Delivery time
Manufacturer Schalcon
Wear schedules Daily
Material hioxifilcon A
Water content 59%
DK/L, DK/T 19.9
Recommended replacement 1 day
Center thickness, mm 0.08

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