Clear58 contact lenses

clear58 has been designed to bring the benefit of clearlab`s innovative Truform edge to wearers of the world`s most popular lens material- etafilcon.


Wearers benefits of the Truform edge include optimum movement, comfort and handling. The thin design of clear58 also provides positive benefits in ocular health.



 + Results in smoother and thinner geometry

 + Optimum movement with superior comfort

 + Higher acceptance rate from wearers

 + clear58 contact lenses have UV protection


Delivery time 2-4 weeks
Manufacturer Clearlab
Wear schedules Daily
Material etafilcon A
Water content 58%
DK/L, DK/T 35
Recommended replacement One month
Center thickness, mm 0.101

Optometrist's recommendations

Sarmīte Gžibovska

The optometrist

Parameters of these lenses comply with your eyes; therefore, I recommend trying these monthly lenses for use during a day. They have specially designed Truform™ edge and design providing optimum movement and comfort to your eyes.

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