Focus Dailies contact lenses

The contact lenses Focus Dailies are daily disposables suited for active lifestyle because these lenses do not need any care. The contact lenses are thin however unique technology Lightstream ensures comfortable inserting and removing of the lens. The surface of the contact lenses is designed in such a way that as little as possible deposition of metabolic end products is formed. The material of the contact lenses ensures high flexibility and endurance against dehydration or embroidery.

You do not have to care for contact lenses, because every day you start with a new pair of contact lenses. This is not only convenient, but also healthier because contact lenses are clean without any deposits. Contact lenses can be used every day and from time to time. These contact lenses are recommended for those with an allergic reaction to a long-term use of one pair of contact lenses.


Manufacturer: Alcon



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Diameter (DIA)
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Delivery time 2-4 weeks
Manufacturer Alcon
Wear schedules Daily
Material Nelfilicon A
Water content 69%
DK/L, DK/T 26
Recommended replacement 1 day
Center thickness, mm 0.1

Optometrist's recommendations

Sarmīte Gžibovska

The optometrist

If you want wearing the contact lenses only while sporting, partying or resting and it is no more than 3-5 times a week, then these one-day contact lenses would be my choice for you! However if you are sporting, partying or resting every day then I will draw my conclusion as an optometrist by looking in your eyes very carefully and very close to you.

This is the most popular one-day contact lens but it is only because it is the first one - however it is like that only for the time being!

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