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Focus Monthly (Visitint)

Monthly Focus Visitint contact lenses material and design provides clear vision and comfort during their wear. Wearing these contact lenses is very practical and comfortable, so the risk of allergic reactions is minimized. These lenses are perfect for lens wearers with very sensitive eyes, with the traditional contact lens discomfort and with dry eye symptoms. Contact lenses are made of hydrogel (high water content), and light blue tint makes the handling of the lenses easy and at the same time lenses doesn’t change the eye color.

Minimum order is 3 contact lenses, if lenses are the same strength, or 6, if different strength is needed for each eye.

Since 2010 contact lenses are no longer in production, so before ordering we recommend you to contact and make sure the necessary lenses are still in stock.


Delivery time
Manufacturer Ciba Vision
Wear schedules Daily
Material Vifilcon A
Water content 55%
DK/L, DK/T 20
Recommended replacement One month
Center thickness, mm 0.1

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