Just imagine how much more enjoyable and colorful moments in your life your eyes give ... but so rarely we think how they feel ... Take care of your eyes with a Healthy Pack. We promise – your eyes will continue to love you ;)

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Acuvue Oasys - 3 + 3 lenses

Monthly disposable
Price : 32.60 EUR
Right eye Left eye
Power (PWR)
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Diameter (DIA)

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson are made of silicone hydrogel. The high oxygen permeability of the lens material and the technology provides all day comfort; recommended for people with dry eyes and computer users. These lenses keep your eyes feeling fresh and moist for longer. For the convenience of contact lens wearers especially smooth surface has been designed for a lens. Another important positive feature of these lenses is that they have high oxygen permeability so there are two ways recommended you can use these contact lenses:

• 1 week without having to take them out of the eye at day and night;

• 2 weeks wearing daytime, taking out for the night and cleaning them.

Always use contact lenses as directed by your eye doctor!

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BioDrop MD - 10 ml

Eye drops
Price : 7.10 EUR

BioDrop MD preservative- free, sterile, moisturzing and lubricating eye drop with 0.2 % hyaluronan.


BioDrop MD offers natural, preservative-free moisture for all dry and sensitive eyes. The moisturizing and protective properties of hyaluronan relieve irritation, dryness and burning sensations in the eyes caused by environmental elements such as wind, sun, dry air, smoke, excessive light, air conditiong, heating and, by prolongeduse of computer, ocular surgery or contact lens use. The physiological composition of BioDrop MD helps to stabilize the tear fluid and, becouse the eye drop is preservative- free, it is suitable for sensitive eyes and for frequent use. BioDrop MD can be used before and during contact lens waer.


Instructions for use

Practice handling of the bottle before the first application. Apply 1 - 2 drops 2-3 times daily, as needed. 1 drop on contact lens before inserting it on the eye and as needed contact lens wear. Remove seal of the cap when opening the bottle for the first time. Remove the cap for application and put it back on immediatly after use. Squeeze the bottle only in tip down position. The contents should be used within three (3) month from opening and by the expiry date.


Eye Formula with Zinc - 32 capsules

Price : 6.95 EUR

"Eyewell formula for vision and eyes” is wholesome vitamin complex for eyes with a very rich composition:
* Lutein - increase central visual acuity. This vision loss is one of the most common causes of blindness for old people. So the lutein content in the product is a double dose.
Lutein is carotenoid which determines the color and capabilities of a yellow point (specific place in retina of the eye that is responsible for visual acuity), as well as works as a natural "sun glasses", shielding the eyes from the adverse effects of the glare.

* Bilberry extract - traditionally used as a vision strengthening agent. Bilberry extract strengthens the eye walls of blood vessels and capillaries, the flexibility, improve the ocular nutrition and maintain good vision. Together with vitamin A the blueberry extract stimulates pigment rhodopsin synthesis, which provides a visual acuity in low light and darkness.
* Ginkgo Biloba extract - improves microcirculation in tiny blood vessels of the eye, thus improving the retinal nutrition and elimination of metabolism byproducts.
* Eyebright herb extract - helps to prevent eye dryness and fatigue.
* Green tea leaf extracts – neutralizes the adverse effects of free radicals and improves metabolism.
* Zinc – is a part of those enzymes which control the night vision and help eyes adapt quickly to a bright light by lowering the effect of bright firing. Zinc helps the body to maintain the required level of vitamin A.
* Folic acid - improves eye nerve supply.
* Citrus bioflavonoid complex - strengthens the eye capillary walls, increases their flexibility.

Eyewell Formula for vision and eyes:
* Improves microcirculation and blood flow in the retina of the eye, improving metabolism;
* Strengthens visual acuity;
* Enhances colors;
* Makes it easy for the eye to adjust to changing light;
* Allow your eyes to better recover after long time (long-term work on a computer, text reading, driving, etc.).
Eyewell Formula for vision and eyes is recommended when:
* Impairs vision and reduces visual acuity;
* It is a long time work at the computer and/or need to read a lot;
* The eyes seem tired and dry;
* There have been other visual problems.
Instructions for use:
The first two weeks Eyewell Formula for vision and eyes: take 2 capsules daily with meal. Then, take 1-2 capsules daily. Recommended duration: 3 months, 2 times a year.
Children after the age of 12 can use 1 capsule daily. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Do not use this product as a full substitute for a balanced diet. Store carefully closed at a room temperature; keep out of reach of children.


BioTwin - 360 ml + container

Care products
Price : 9.95 EUR

Piiloset BioTwin ™ is a multi-purpose care solution for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and moistening of silicone hydrogel and all types of soft contact lenses. Piiloset BioTwin ™ contains the new Twin-EdaXyl ™, which has a double effect - it moisturizes and lubricates the contact lens and removes deposits from lenses. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes contact lenses and your eyes. The product has been developed in collaboration with the Allergy and Asthma Federation.