Kohl Eye Liner

The pencil is very easy to work with and gives a nice-looking application.

GOSH Kohl/Eye Liner is a multi-purpose pencil that can be used on the moist edge of the upper/lower lid as a kohl, around the edge of the eye as an eye liner with either a
thin or broad contour line, as eye shadow or as a marking of the globe line.

GOSH Kohl/Eye Liner is perfume and preservative free.
Can be sharpened using an ordinary cosmetic pencil sharpener (GOSH pencil sharpener)

To prevent the pencil from drying out, always replace the cap after use.

Eye liner lenght: 13

• Easy to apply
• Does not bleed into the fine lines
• Lasting colour to the eyes
• Contains vitamin-E

* Perfume and paraben free, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

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