Lipomill eye spray

The drug maker Schalcon offers an eye spry with liposome, natural moisturizer sodium hyaluronate and chamomile extract. Unlike other eye moisturizers it has to be sprayed on the eyelids (the eyes have to be closed). Its content and way of usage is so special because in sprayed way the particles of the spray covers edges of the eyelids evenly and when they are opened Lipomill stabilizes the tear film by strengthening lipid layer. Glands over the edges of the eyelids are responsible for the health of the lipid layer of the tear film.

Unlike other classical eye drops Lipomill is more effective and handier to use.

Lipomill eye spray soothes and moisturizes the eyes and the eyelids, creates comfort and freshness feeling in the eyes for those who wear contact lenses and those who simply feels discomfort in their daily activities.

Lipomill is recommended for people with dry eye syndrome caused by disbalance of the tear film because of other health problems, for example, when taking some medicine, recovering from illness, doing not healthy job (working with a computer, driving a car, in joinery, construction, dentistry, manicure etc). Lipomill eye spray contains chamomile extract, glycosides, vitamin C, potassium and flavonoids that are known as soothing anti- inflammatory means.

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