OcuYal eye drops

Eye drops OcuYal with 0.13% sodium hyaluronate keeps natural water balance of tears in the eyes and it is a perfect aid for treatment of dry eye syndrome. The drops reduces dryness feeling and irritation that is caused by such external factors as environmental pollution, central heating, conditioned air, increased vision stress, visual strain, contact lens as well as insufficient amount of tears after operations, trauma or micro trauma caused by foreign bodies getting into the eye.

These eye drops are natural solution for dry eyes, moreover the drops has particularly high biocompatibility due to sodium hyaluronate in their structure. Therefore eye drops OcuYal has also anti-inflammatory, therapeutic and moisturizing qualities that lets the tear film coating the eye fulfil its functions all around the surface of the cornea.

Eye drops OcuYal gives immediate relief and feeling of freshness in the eyes. They moisturize, lubricate and protect the eye by reducing friction between cornea, contact lens and eyelids.

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