OcuYal Gel

The drug maker Schalcon offers soothing gel for eyes that is a lubricant with 0.30% sodium hyaluronate.

OcuYal Gel reduces eye problems that are related to disbalance of the tear film. This eye gel moisturizes, soothes and refreshes the eyes by averting the feeling of irritation and discomfort for a long time. OcuYal gel improves comfortable feeling for all wearers of contact lenses who are feeling allergic reaction to dust, pollen, pets or their composition of tears has changed because of pregnancy, wet-nursing or menopause as well as taking in oral contraception.

Due to natural qualities of hyaluronic acid and biocompatibility OcuYal Gel is non-toxic, immunogenic and it makes eye surface hydrophilic by keeping its natural level of humidity also in special conditions.

Eye gel OcuYal Gel is filled in innovative vial with volume of 10 ml that has a calibrated dosimeter letting to drop it in the eye in handier manner. One package of gel is sufficient for approximately 200 drops.

We recommend it for all people wearing contact lenses, working with a computer or mobile phone on daily basis or are relaxing in mountains or are giving a hand in digging up potatoes or haymaking!

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