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In fact everyone who buys lenses on is wise or economical person, but we have made a pack for extremely economical people. 

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Acuvue Oasys - 3 + 3 lenses

Monthly disposable
Price : 27.90 EUR
Right eye Left eye
Power (PWR)
Radius (B.C.)
Diameter (DIA)

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson are made of silicone hydrogel. The high oxygen permeability of the lens material and the technology provides all day comfort; recommended for people with dry eyes and computer users. These lenses keep your eyes feeling fresh and moist for longer. For the convenience of contact lens wearers especially smooth surface has been designed for a lens. Another important positive feature of these lenses is that they have high oxygen permeability so there are two ways recommended you can use these contact lenses:

• 1 week without having to take them out of the eye at day and night;

• 2 weeks wearing daytime, taking out for the night and cleaning them.

Always use contact lenses as directed by your eye doctor!

Monthly disposable SofLens 59 contact lenses (formerly known as Softlens Comfort) manufactured by Bausch & Lomb provides clear vision. Made from a unique time-tested material SofLens 59 is protein resistant to keep your eyes healthy and white. SofLens 59 contact lenses have high oxygen permeability coefficient. These contact lenses are designed for those who have not used contact lenses at all, as well as for those who have always had difficulty of inserting and removing contact lenses. Now contact lens insertion and removal is no longer a problem.

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Schalcon Lacrime with mallow - 15 ml

Eye drops
Price : 3.95 EUR

Schalcon Lacrime is a sterile preservative solution with mallow that is recommended for moisturizing soft or rigid gas permeable contact lenses. If you are wearing contact lenses in round the clock regime, then you can use these drops for moisturizing your eyes and contact lenses in the morning after sleeping. Moreover two drops before inserting the lenses can shorten every morning adaption period, relieve the feeling of foreign body in the eye.

The drops are created as artificial tears. Schalcon Lacrime contains sterile, isotonic, buffered solution of pH 7.20 and it is well balanced mixture of natural components that resembles composure of natural tears. Essence of different herbs gives favourable effect of relief by enlarging tolerance to contact lenses. It does not cause allergies.

When wearing contact lenses in special conditions comfortable feeling recurrently can be less pleasant than expected, then in such cases we recommend Lacrime drops for improving self-feeling.


Schalcon Universale Plus (UP+) - 400 ml + container

Care products
Price : 7.50 EUR

Multi-purpose contact lens care solution for all types of soft contact lens care and storage. It cleans, disinfects and stores contact lenses. The protein deposits from the surface of the contact lens are separated without rubbing. The solution provides an effective protection against bacteria and is also for sensitive eyes. The kit includes free contact lens container that is easily attached to the solution bottle. Contact lens container is made of a special material, featuring antibacterial silver ion. The product is available in several volumes for different life situations. is the only one offering this contact lens liquid in Latvia which is very popular in Italy.