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ADORE - 2 lenses

Price : 23.72 EUR
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Adore coloured contact lenses

Adore coloured contact lenses are a new product in the Latvian market offered for your eyes by If you are wearing coloured contact lenses or you want to make your eyes even more colourful - blue, green, violet - then you will be really excited by Adore contact lenses.

Adore offers 21 tinge of colour from which you can choose the one you like the best. Colour range is from lighter to darker as well as maximally close to natural tones and more striking and lively.  These contact lenses are special because their usage time is three months and the price is very pleasant when compared with monthly lenses.

The tinges of colours are divided into three groups:

BI - the lens consists of 2 tinges of which one is inside of it and another is on the outer edge of the iris;

TRI - the lens consists of 3 tinges, two of them are inside the lens and it has a dark outer edge of the iris;

DARE - the lens consists of one basic tinge and a very dark outer edge of the iris.

Notice, that from all the tinges of colour offered by ADORE we usually have in our stock those eight tinges (Bi-Aqua, Bi-Blue, Bi-Green, Bi-Hazel, Dare-Aqua, Dare-Blue, Dare-Green, Dare-Hazel), however you can choose also other colours but then you have to wait for your desired lenses a little bit - up to 4 weeks!

We love coloured eyes!

When buying these lenses do take into account that your eyes and their colour are unique and the result can be different from one in the picture!

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Contact lens case DOG - Contact lens case DOG

Price : 6.40 EUR

Silver contact lens case with a dog on the cover of the case. The case contains a handy mirror and a removable contact lens container.


For sleep
Price : 4.90 EUR

Schalcon Universale Plus (UP+) - 150 ml + container

Care products
Price : 3.85 EUR

Multi-purpose contact lens care solution for all types of soft contact lens care and storage. It cleans, disinfects and stores contact lenses. The protein deposits from the surface of the contact lens are separated without rubbing. The solution provides an effective protection against bacteria and is also for sensitive eyes. The kit includes free contact lens container that is easily attached to the solution bottle. Contact lens container is made of a special material, featuring antibacterial silver ion. The product is available in several volumes for different life situations. is the only one offering this contact lens liquid in Latvia which is very popular in Italy.