Schalcon Lacrime with mallow

Schalcon Lacrime is a sterile preservative solution with mallow that is recommended for moisturizing soft or rigid gas permeable contact lenses. If you are wearing contact lenses in round the clock regime, then you can use these drops for moisturizing your eyes and contact lenses in the morning after sleeping. Moreover two drops before inserting the lenses can shorten every morning adaption period, relieve the feeling of foreign body in the eye.

The drops are created as artificial tears. Schalcon Lacrime contains sterile, isotonic, buffered solution of pH 7.20 and it is well balanced mixture of natural components that resembles composure of natural tears. Essence of different herbs gives favourable effect of relief by enlarging tolerance to contact lenses. It does not cause allergies.

When wearing contact lenses in special conditions comfortable feeling recurrently can be less pleasant than expected, then in such cases we recommend Lacrime drops for improving self-feeling.

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