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Clear1-day - 6 + 6 lenses

Daily disposable
Price : 8.16 EUR
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clear1-day® contact lenses provide unsurpassed, long-lasting comfort. That's because clear1-day® is made with AQUAGRIP™ technology, which water binding properties enhance resistance to dehydration and increase lens surface wettability, endowing greater hydrophilic properties to the lens material. As a result, a consistent lens dimension is maintained, providing crisp, clear optics to the patient. Wearers benefit from longer, more comfortable wearing times, and all around positive lens experience.




clear1-day® brand contact lenses allow to wear their lenses whenever, wherever you want. No more worries about cleaning, maintenance, storage, or damage to the lenses.


Because you can start every day with a fresh, new pair of clear1-day® contact lenses you will enjoy crystal clear vision, long-lasting comfort, and of course, healthy eyes.


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Lipomill eye spray - Lipomill 15 ml

Eye drops
Price : 4.95 EUR

The drug maker Schalcon offers an eye spry with liposome, natural moisturizer sodium hyaluronate and chamomile extract. Unlike other eye moisturizers it has to be sprayed on the eyelids (the eyes have to be closed). Its content and way of usage is so special because in sprayed way the particles of the spray covers edges of the eyelids evenly and when they are opened Lipomill stabilizes the tear film by strengthening lipid layer. Glands over the edges of the eyelids are responsible for the health of the lipid layer of the tear film.

Unlike other classical eye drops Lipomill is more effective and handier to use.

Lipomill eye spray soothes and moisturizes the eyes and the eyelids, creates comfort and freshness feeling in the eyes for those who wear contact lenses and those who simply feels discomfort in their daily activities.

Lipomill is recommended for people with dry eye syndrome caused by disbalance of the tear film because of other health problems, for example, when taking some medicine, recovering from illness, doing not healthy job (working with a computer, driving a car, in joinery, construction, dentistry, manicure etc). Lipomill eye spray contains chamomile extract, glycosides, vitamin C, potassium and flavonoids that are known as soothing anti- inflammatory means.

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Eye Formula with Zinc - 32 capsules

Price : 6.95 EUR

"Eyewell formula for vision and eyes” is wholesome vitamin complex for eyes with a very rich composition:
* Lutein - increase central visual acuity. This vision loss is one of the most common causes of blindness for old people. So the lutein content in the product is a double dose.
Lutein is carotenoid which determines the color and capabilities of a yellow point (specific place in retina of the eye that is responsible for visual acuity), as well as works as a natural "sun glasses", shielding the eyes from the adverse effects of the glare.

* Bilberry extract - traditionally used as a vision strengthening agent. Bilberry extract strengthens the eye walls of blood vessels and capillaries, the flexibility, improve the ocular nutrition and maintain good vision. Together with vitamin A the blueberry extract stimulates pigment rhodopsin synthesis, which provides a visual acuity in low light and darkness.
* Ginkgo Biloba extract - improves microcirculation in tiny blood vessels of the eye, thus improving the retinal nutrition and elimination of metabolism byproducts.
* Eyebright herb extract - helps to prevent eye dryness and fatigue.
* Green tea leaf extracts – neutralizes the adverse effects of free radicals and improves metabolism.
* Zinc – is a part of those enzymes which control the night vision and help eyes adapt quickly to a bright light by lowering the effect of bright firing. Zinc helps the body to maintain the required level of vitamin A.
* Folic acid - improves eye nerve supply.
* Citrus bioflavonoid complex - strengthens the eye capillary walls, increases their flexibility.

Eyewell Formula for vision and eyes:
* Improves microcirculation and blood flow in the retina of the eye, improving metabolism;
* Strengthens visual acuity;
* Enhances colors;
* Makes it easy for the eye to adjust to changing light;
* Allow your eyes to better recover after long time (long-term work on a computer, text reading, driving, etc.).
Eyewell Formula for vision and eyes is recommended when:
* Impairs vision and reduces visual acuity;
* It is a long time work at the computer and/or need to read a lot;
* The eyes seem tired and dry;
* There have been other visual problems.
Instructions for use:
The first two weeks Eyewell Formula for vision and eyes: take 2 capsules daily with meal. Then, take 1-2 capsules daily. Recommended duration: 3 months, 2 times a year.
Children after the age of 12 can use 1 capsule daily. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Do not use this product as a full substitute for a balanced diet. Store carefully closed at a room temperature; keep out of reach of children.