Thera Tears Liquid Gel

Thera Tears liquid gel is thicker than moisturizing eye drops. It functions like more consistent cover with more lasting effect.

It is recommended if stronger eye lubricating is needed. The package contains 24 one dose ampoules with 0.6 ml of liquid gel. It is packed in sterile one day ampoule so it does not lose its therapeutic qualities. It does not have added preservatives or equalizers that could irritate the eyes in long-term. It can be used also when soft or hard contact lenses are inserted in the eyes.

It does not contain preservatives, gives immediate symptomatic relief, advance renewal of epithelium, renews the activity and the quantity of conjunctive goblet cells, renews the glycogen level of cornea, and ensures that the feeling of comfort is lasting.

We recommend it in the case of dryness in the eye - 1-2 drops in each eye for 4 times a day but one drop can be used additionally if eye sapping occurs.

It is recommended also to use the gel in the night - before going to sleep. Thera tears moisturizes, lubricates and protects the eyes from dryness and irritation as well as dust, pollen, dirty air caused eye irritation. It has soothing effect that really works!


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Manufacturer ADVANCED Vision Research