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Unika 55 (H; H+; H-; V)

The contact lens Unica 55 is monthly toric contact lens that is produced from hydrogel material and meant for day-wearing regime. For the patients with relatively small astigmatic refraction there is simpler solution available for the price of spherical contact lens. This toric contact lens of hydrogel material is produced in accordance to patented Micro precision moulding technology that ensures high precision of the contact lens and comfortable wearing. Unika 55 is as easy to fit as spherical contact lens. It has a wide range of system parameters letting to find the right solution for 80% patients with spherical and astigmatic refraction. Aspheric and toric qualities are combined in one contact lens system of regular replacement.

Before you start wearing Unika 55 contact your optometrist because these lenses have untypical choice of parameters!


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Right eye Left eye
Power (PWR)
Radius (B.C.)
Cylinder (CYL)
Diameter (DIA)
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Delivery time 2-3 days
Manufacturer Cooper vision
Wear schedules Daily
Material Methafilcon A
Water content 55%
Recommended replacement One month
Center thickness, mm 0.09

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