Creation of A’telpa

Creators of for a long time have been imagining a place where they could be able to meet people that they had got to know only in the virtual world. Now the idea of looking in the eyes of those people has finally become true. A’telpa has been created!

Just think… of how often your eyes have given you pleasant things to see and moments to enjoy, or maybe they have even allowed you to fall in love... Finally you have a chance to THANK them for all that they have given to you!

Come and relax with us while we are taking care of your eyes...

Something to brag about

On that day when we unanimously decided – let’s make A’telpa, it was decided that if makes something then they make it for real…

Now, seeing the results, we have surprised our selves, because we have created modern and equipped contact lens center. At Manaslecas A'telpa we offer vision screening with equipment whichis rare not only in Latvia and Baltic States but even around the world. The installers of this special visual screening equipment now invite its partners to show what a modern and equipped optometrist cabinet should look like... We are so proud ;) 

Vision specialists

Sarmīte Gžibovska

Dace Drupa

Remember what we said about our vision screeningequipment at A’telpa – the best inventions have been gathered together from world’s optical industry manufacturers and lots of it is not seen in Baltic States!

Ask and our vision specialist will answer you!


We already have talked big about unique consultations the A’telpa is offering for the wearers of the contact lenses. This is the place we want to set out in professional lexicon the services we will offer to your eyes.


During the visit we will do several examinations:

-  Studying the medical history - conversation with the patient, listening to his/her complaints, needs;
-  Auto refracto-keratometer measurements setting the parameters for the cornea and the eye generally;
- Digital phoropter measurements for setting vision functions and optics necessary for contact lenses or glasses;

- Eye examination with the slit lamp or biomicroscope both in frontal view and in lateral section for the eye health diagnostics and setting compatibility of the contact lens and the eye;
- Ophthalmoscopic examination for evaluation how the eye internal environment and surface comply with norms;

- Setting tonometric data - measurements of intraocular pressure;

- "Perpetuation" of the eye - it is a chance to get a photo of your eye in an e-mail and client’s profile that will be not only a nice piece of memory but also useful document in the future for comparing the history of the eye illness and its development;

- Colour vision test - prophylactic or the consultant’s conclusion for car drivers;

- Retro illumination - test for clarity of the eye lens and the cornea;  

- Aberrations of the surface of the eye - it is important for qualitative diagnostics of the night vision;

- Pulsair tonometry - non-contact measurement of eye pressure.


We will take exclusively professional are of your eyes!

Ours customers truly say that there are working the most professional optometrist in Latvia at our A’Telpa and that we have the most modern vision screening equipment. This makes A’telpa different from the other optical shops in Latvia, where you’ll get your vision checked in 10 minutes – we do it a lot more carefully and responsibly!

Just choose the service that you want to receive!


EUR 30.00

Do you want to start wearing the contact lenses? Then you have to choose the Beginner’s set and come to the A’telpa where not only your eyes will be examined but also you will learn how to use lenses, will get a gift - your first pair of contact lenses and even a lens care solution! After the visit you will be sure that you are true wearer of the contact lenses!



EUR 21.00

Come to vision screening – our optometrist will examine your vision and will recommend you the most appropriate contact lenses for your eyes (Biofinity / Acuve Oasys / Biolens/ ReFresh Eyes enfilcon A). Choose FREE contact lenses for the first month!


EUR 25.00


EUR 20.00

If you are a contact lens wearer but you want to do a preventive vision screening, choose this service. After the appointment you will get both contact lens and eyeglass prescription.



EUR 13.00

If you are recommended by an optometrist come to re-visit after half-year, then choose this type of service.



EUR 10.00

If you are recommended by an optometrist come to re-visit after a month, then choose this type of service.



EUR 10.00

If you want to change your usual lenses to the others, then choose this appointment!



Where are we A'telpa wait for your eyes... K.Valdemāra 33, Riga

Easier for you to find where we are- imagine K.Valdemāra and Lāčplēša street crossing ... and right there we are :)

Phone: 202-11-202