Subscribing to contact lenses is absolutely easy – subscribe, and will make sure that the lenses arrive to you regularly – just as your eyes need it!

By choosing a contact lens subscription, you will receive:

  • six 2-4 week replacement contact lenses Acuvue Oasys or a pair of lenses for each month;
  • 2 bottles of Premium lens care solution BioTwin (360 ml). If you feel that you are frugal and you won’t need so much solution, then we will deliver less. In return, we will recommend and send the best eye drops!
  • Professional and full-fledged vision tests for an INFINITE number of times. So the number of vision tests for you will be totally unlimited ... because we care about your eyes!
  • Free shipping anywhere, even to the North Pole.

For the first time, we will send you lenses and care solution in the amount required to make your eyes feel comfortable for 3 months, and a new set of lenses will always be at hand. However, payments for the first shipment and also each subsequent one will be divided into 3 months! The second set will be delivered approximately a week before the previous one is used up, so we will always provide you with a fresh set to have at hand.

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Name Price 1st payment
Monthly Payment € 15.99 Select
Right eye Left eye
Power (PWR)
Radius (B.C.)
Diameter (DIA)
Product added to basket!


Wear schedules Extended wear
Material Senofilcon A
Water content 38%
DK/L, DK/T 147
Recommended replacement 2-4 weeks
Center thickness, mm 0.07