BioDrop MD

BioDrop MD preservative- free, sterile, moisturzing and lubricating eye drop with 0.2 % hyaluronan.


BioDrop MD offers natural, preservative-free moisture for all dry and sensitive eyes. The moisturizing and protective properties of hyaluronan relieve irritation, dryness and burning sensations in the eyes caused by environmental elements such as wind, sun, dry air, smoke, excessive light, air conditiong, heating and, by prolongeduse of computer, ocular surgery or contact lens use. The physiological composition of BioDrop MD helps to stabilize the tear fluid and, becouse the eye drop is preservative- free, it is suitable for sensitive eyes and for frequent use. BioDrop MD can be used before and during contact lens waer.


Instructions for use

Practice handling of the bottle before the first application. Apply 1 - 2 drops 2-3 times daily, as needed. 1 drop on contact lens before inserting it on the eye and as needed contact lens wear. Remove seal of the cap when opening the bottle for the first time. Remove the cap for application and put it back on immediatly after use. Squeeze the bottle only in tip down position. The contents should be used within three (6) month from opening and by the expiry date.

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