Eye Formula with Zinc

"Eyewell formula for vision and eyes” is wholesome vitamin complex for eyes with a very rich composition:
* Lutein - increase central visual acuity. This vision loss is one of the most common causes of blindness for old people. So the lutein content in the product is a double dose.
Lutein is carotenoid which determines the color and capabilities of a yellow point (specific place in retina of the eye that is responsible for visual acuity), as well as works as a natural "sun glasses", shielding the eyes from the adverse effects of the glare.

* Bilberry extract - traditionally used as a vision strengthening agent. Bilberry extract strengthens the eye walls of blood vessels and capillaries, the flexibility, improve the ocular nutrition and maintain good vision. Together with vitamin A the blueberry extract stimulates pigment rhodopsin synthesis, which provides a visual acuity in low light and darkness.
* Ginkgo Biloba extract - improves microcirculation in tiny blood vessels of the eye, thus improving the retinal nutrition and elimination of metabolism byproducts.
* Eyebright herb extract - helps to prevent eye dryness and fatigue.
* Green tea leaf extracts – neutralizes the adverse effects of free radicals and improves metabolism.
* Zinc – is a part of those enzymes which control the night vision and help eyes adapt quickly to a bright light by lowering the effect of bright firing. Zinc helps the body to maintain the required level of vitamin A.
* Folic acid - improves eye nerve supply.
* Citrus bioflavonoid complex - strengthens the eye capillary walls, increases their flexibility.

Eyewell Formula for vision and eyes:
* Improves microcirculation and blood flow in the retina of the eye, improving metabolism;
* Strengthens visual acuity;
* Enhances colors;
* Makes it easy for the eye to adjust to changing light;
* Allow your eyes to better recover after long time (long-term work on a computer, text reading, driving, etc.).
Eyewell Formula for vision and eyes is recommended when:
* Impairs vision and reduces visual acuity;
* It is a long time work at the computer and/or need to read a lot;
* The eyes seem tired and dry;
* There have been other visual problems.
Instructions for use:
The first two weeks Eyewell Formula for vision and eyes: take 2 capsules daily with meal. Then, take 1-2 capsules daily. Recommended duration: 3 months, 2 times a year.
Children after the age of 12 can use 1 capsule daily. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Do not use this product as a full substitute for a balanced diet. Store carefully closed at a room temperature; keep out of reach of children.

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