OneStep cleaning solution

OneStep is a hydrogen peroxide-based lens care solution. It ensures cleaning and disinfection of soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

It is suitable for patients with heightened sensitivity and allergic reactions to components of common multifunctional care solutions (the most often - to preservatives). Care systems of peroxides do not contain preservatives. Disinfection of lenses and removing protein deposits is ensured by active oxygen that releases when hydrogen peroxide decomposes.

OneStep system set includes vertical lens container with special built-in disc that is meant for neutralizing of peroxide of leftovers. The minimum time for full neutralization is at least six hours because the peroxide of leftovers can cause damage to cornea. After six hours the sterile neutral solution is received and the contact lenses can be stored in it up to 14 days.

Important notice

  • Never rinse lenses with OneStep because you can get severe corneal burn!
  • Never use usual lens containers (because they do not have build-in neutralizing discs) for cleaning the contact lenses with OneStep solution.
  • Always clean the lenses for at least six hours!
  • Always discard and old lens container and with a new package of solution use also the new lens container so you can avoid from corneal burns and inflammations because a neutralizing disk can be worn-out in the old container (so it does not fulfil its functions).
  • OneStep solution is good for use up to 2 months after opening the bottle
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