Wide payment methods


Bank card

We accept all types of payment cards: Visa, Maestro, as well as American Express and others. Pay for your purchase both to your courier and online!

via Internet-bank

We are pleased to cooperate with the top 5 largest banks: Swedbank, SEB, Citadel, Nordea and DnB!


Pay to our couriers or come to our Manaslecas A’telpa.

via Paypal

If you feel completely digitalized, do it with PayPal!

To our courier

Our couriers are also “upgraded” – you can pay them using payment card as well as in cash.


Come to our contact lens centre A’telpa where you can pay both in cash, with payment card or any other way!

With e-mail invoice

You’ll receive an email invoice after every order and you can pay for it the way you want!