BioDrop MD Plus

BioDrop MD Plus is Piiloset's very effective eye drop, for moderate and severe dry eye symptoms. So it may help people to whom BioDrop MD is too "light".

It is preservative free and can be used together with contact lenses and has Allergy label, i.e. is suitable for also sensitive eyes.   

The combined action of trehalose (2.0%) and hyaluronan (0.25%) provide hydration, lubrication and stabilization of tear film, protecting the eye from drying and cell damage. Regular use relieves dry eye symptoms - itching, burning and foreign body sensation in the eyes - caused by environmental factors such as dry air, wind, smoke,  air pollution,  excessive light, visual display work or ocular surgery and contact lens use. 

The intensive moisturizing eye drops suit long-term and frequent use. 

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