POLAR Eco Wood 607-01

If you prefer spending one and a half hour watching fish in the pond or subtle movements of stems of grass than spending the time in cinema then nothing will bring you closer to nature than Eco Wood.


You have never owned the sunglasses like these! Polar will make your world brighter and clearer because they have sunglass’ lenses Polarized Premium ensuring especially clear vision, nice colouring and tinges, undistorted Picture, 100% protection to your eyes from the influence of hazardous rays (UVA, UVB, UVC) and it all together will not let your eyes get tired. Moreover special layer of lens absorbs impacts and diverts breaking of the lens meaning that you are allowed to treat these glasses recklessly.



Modern and bright way of self-consciousness for the self-assured and those who are young in the heart! In 1993 the brand POLAR made a noise in the world of glasses and sunglasses with the slogan “Italians do it better!” by promising to develop classic in the pace of tendencies created by our most insane dreams. They are living up to their promise. All we have to do is not to be afraid from brightness and originality! 


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